Located in the heart of the Green Community and specializing in indoor cycling and high intensity workouts, Vibe Fitness is a chic nightlife inspired boutique fitness studio that offers dynamic group exercise classes that are both motivating and effective for everyone.

With infectious music, enthusiastic instructors and engaging workout classes, we have it all!

For an intense sweat session try CardioCombat, RhythmRide (indoor cycling), FightFit or BootyBootcamp but if you prefer a more lower impact workout, then give Party @ the Barre, LunarFlow Yoga, Pilates or bodyArt a go.

There is even a Pilates style class for expectant mothers called Mummyfit!



bodyArt is a class like no other I have ever done elsewhere. It tests your strength, endurance and flexibility and love the different routines for each class working your whole body. Milka is a credit to Vibe Fitness.

Kerry McFarland

Vibe is fab boutique studio with a group of amazing instructors who always bring loads of energy to ensure you work hard while still having fun. I love that there is a mix of high intensity cardio, and strength classes as well as lower impact classes like pilates and barre all in one place. It's a super location for anyone in and around the area with plenty of free parking and convenient class times. Definitely my favourite studio in Dubai!


Walking Into Vibe fitness, I knew it was going to be my new favourite spot!! The welcoming staff, the beautiful decor, everything about the place was just inviting to me!! I needed this in my life, The community needed this! I have tried out most of the classes they have to offer and they are so different to anything I’ve done before in Dubai, the instructors always push me to my limits and keep me coming back every week! Thank You for putting the fun back into fitness for me :)

Ria Calvert

I have been on a look out for ladies only group classes within Dubai Investment Park area since we moved in 2015 but sadly, there was none. Thankfully, with Vibe Fitness, I'm back at it again and loving it. They have plenty of options for mix and ladies only classes. And if a person wants to try a class that is mixed otherwise, staff is always on hand to help out and accommodate with their best abilities. Instructors are knowledgeable and motivating. My favourite class is Rhythm Ride with Shay. The place is conveniently located in The Market Mall and is aesthetically done considering all the important needs of a Fitness Studio. Classes are always on, as per schedule and on time, even if there is a single person in the class there on a given day. I truly can't recommend Vibe Fitness enough.

Asiya Ali

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