Our studio’s positive and dynamic vibe is thanks to our rockstar VibeFitFam!

Each of our instructors is certified and experienced in their field and only have one goal which is to make sure you not only get the most out of your workout but that you also enjoy yourself while doing it!

Shay Ashfield

Vibe Fitness Owner & Trainer

Shay Ashfield is the founder of Vibe Fitness, the newly launched boutique fitness studio in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). When she isn't managing the business, she's instructing its Rhythm Ride (indoor cycling) and Booty Bootcamp classes. Having performed as a dancer in David Guetta's and Roger Sanchez's productions, Shay Ashfield is no stranger to intense physical activity and is a natural fitness enthusiast. Originally from New York, she relocated to Miami where she honed her skills as a dancer and choreographer. With a young family in tow, Dubai's warmer weather and al-fresco lifestyle options were a big draw. Flexible working hours for her husband and an impressive selection of schools sealed the deal for them. Before launching Vibe Fitness, Shay was juggling being a new mother and hosting pole fitness and indoor cycling lessons. With a vision to become the go-to fitness destination in the community, Shay hopes to spark an appetite for fitness in DIP.

Ekaterina Tuavaeva


Ekaterina Tuavaeva has been a movement junky from her crib, always searching for something with the meaning behind just physicality. Yoga became it, being able to transform both how one looks on the outside and feels on the inside. Have you heard the saying "beauty will save the world"? Ekaterina has her own version of it: "Yoga will save the world":) She strives to inspire healthy life style and spread the soothing word of yoga. Apart from being a yoga teacher, she also considers herself a well-rounded movement educator, promoting pure human body movement, intuitive, safe and healing.

Milka Scekic


Mother, wife, PE teacher, hospitality manager, personal trainer, GX freestyler, masseuse,bodyART warrior, and many more! My work philosophy is based on overall wellbeing of my clients by empowering them with knowledge, skills and continues support through their fitness journey. Aside of creating fitness programs, I’m teaching them that it’s OK to fail, it’s OK to be different and that dreams and priorities do change, just like we do! Working with obese people is my biggest passion! I believe in many things including the healing powers of laughter and the strength of a sense of humor. I believe in loving everyone regardless of differences. But most of all, I believe in the superiority of teamwork. Accept no way as the way, accept no limitation as limitation.” – Bruce Lee



Kamran is a kick boxing, Muay Thai enthusiast having years of practice professionally in UAE and Thailand. A Black belt in Wushu KungFu, Kamran is from Pakistan and came to Dubai to experience life and better opportunities in a multicultural environment. He is a certified level 3 personal trainer with the certification to train both adults and kids. Martial arts is his passion and he loves to share his experiences and knowledge with people around him. Happily assisting his clients to develop healthy lifestyles all while making it fun and motivating.

Sally Balmforth


A true fan of her job, Sally loves encouraging people to see their full potential. Helping them to achieve their fitness goals is what drives her to motivate her group classes. Sally started working in the fitness industry 17 years ago in the UK, where she is from originally. She’s gathered many qualifications on the way such as cycling, TRX, kettlebell, boxercise, pilates, yogalates as well as personal training and many fads that have come and gone (anyone remember flexibars?) As a dessert lover, Sally says “Exercise allows me to continue with my passion for eating cake!”



Valentina is a certified professional Dance and Zumba instructor. She has worked as a Zumba coach for almost 2 years with more than 13 years as a ballet, modern and barre dance teacher. When she was 4 years old she found her love for ballet and worked hard to become a better dancer and as a result has had the opportunity to visit many countries with national dance teams and participate in international concerts. Valentina’s passion for dance allows her to encourage people and help them to better themselves whilst having fun.